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Happy Holidays from all of us at Functional Fueling Nutrition! This time of year is my personal favorite. I love gifting others, spending time with family, and enjoying some yummy treats. If you are in search of the best products for a special someone in your life, or yourself, I have got you covered! Our […]

Functional Nutrition

2021 Healthy Holidays Gift Guide

healthy holidays

Many of us have experience of going on a diet, seeing progress initially, only to find that weight loss slows or, even worse, plateaus. This leads to frustration, loss of motivation and ultimately the weight piling back on. If this sounds all too familiar, you’re going to want to read on because we’ll be explaining the how and why behind this process, 

Functional Nutrition

Metabolic Adaptations Role in Weight Loss

Metabolic Adaptations Role in Weight loss

Collagen supplements are taking center stage on supermarket shelves. Few of us really understand what collagen is, how it benefits us, and what we need to do to get enough. Get your pens and pencils ready: you’re about to simultaneously boost your collagen levels and collagen IQ! 

Functional Nutrition

Collagen Supplementation Benefits

Leaky gut: sounds like something you call your plumber into fix, right? It’s a term that you are likely to have heard before but may not fully understand what it means or how it might affect you. However, there’s good evidence that leaky gut …

Functional Nutrition

Leaky gut and PCOS: Connection?

leaky gut

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