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Natural Remedies for the Thyroid

Do you feel like something is off but can’t pinpoint the root cause of your weight gain, brain fog, or hair loss? Blame it on stress or lack of sleep? Have you gone to the doctor or even multiple doctors and they say that your thyroid lab numbers look normal and send you on your way? Well, you are not alone! One out of three patients is unaware that they are hypothyroid. It is three to seven times more common in women ages 20-50.

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Bone broth has been becoming a popular way to get nutrients that can benefit digestion, hormones, sleep, mood, inflammation and recovery.

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root cause of acne

Acne is not as simple as it seems and many factors in your daily life might be contributing to it. Some of the reasons why you are getting breakouts may be caused by stress, diet, hormone fluctuations, gut bacteria dysbiosis, or products you may be using on your skin.

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chocolate-tahini overnight oats

This fiber rich breakfast is a treat for your hormones. If you usually crave sweet meals for breakfast, this recipe tastes like dessert. PLUS it is high in protein and nutrients your body will love. You can prepare them overnight if you are looking for a “grab and go” breakfast or prepare them at the moment.

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cortisol and womens hormone balnce

Cortisol is a hormone made by our adrenal glands. It impacts other hormones like progesterone and thyroid function.  A key hormone that plays a vital role in our stress levels. Read on to learn about Cortisol and Women’s Hormone Balance What is cortisol? The primary stress hormone. It helps the body deal with stressful situations […]

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womens health

Androgens and Women’s Health- so what are they!? Androgens are a class of “male-hormones.” Despite their name, women have androgens too, just in smaller amounts than men. A healthy balance of androgenic hormones is important as a deficiency or excess can result in unwanted symptoms. When androgen levels are out of range, it can lead […]

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