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If you’re a woman who’s neck-deep in the health world but is struggling to lose weight, ward off breakouts and bloating, and feel hormonally balanced, you’ve probably tried every diet, every exercise regime, and every supplement out there. 

Despite all your efforts, you’re still unhappy with how you feel on a daily basis. You want to feel like a goddess in your new Lululemon outfit, not hiding under a sweater and layers of foundation as you dash from the car to the gym. 

There seems to be a missing puzzle piece and you’re desperate to find it. I was right there with you, battling my body every day until I found what my body really needed to look and feel good.

Understanding and working with my hormones.

You’re probably thinking “Lo, really? What do hormones have to do with anything?”

A lot of the messaging around being healthy focuses on external factors like protein intake and exercising your glutes. To experience a real transformation, first, we need to go deeper. We’ve been kept in the dark about how our hormones affect our health and wellbeing. 

felt energized (not depleted) after your workouts

Had workouts that made a difference and fit into your lifestyle

knew exactly what to do at the gym each day for maximum results

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had professional direction for exercise modifications

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Understood your hormones and how to exercise to support them 


i found my
strength in hormones
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Hi, I’m Lauren but you can call me Lo!                  

I’m a functional medicine dietitian and a board-certified specialist in sports dietetics living in San Diego. During my varied experience, I’ve helped women restore their menstrual cycle, naturally conceive after recurrent miscarriages, lose 30+ lbs. (or the last 10 lbs.) and find strength in their female body. 

I teamed up with my husband Joe to create Strength in Hormones to share the transformational workouts that I used to heal my own hormonal imbalances.

I was where you might be right now. I was dealing with consistent breakouts, irregular cycles, fatigue and 15 lbs. that I couldn't shake. I was working out 6 days per week (sometimes for 2 hours a workout) but not seeing any real results.

Thankfully, I met my husband, Joe, an athletic performance coach. He has degrees in exercise science and several certifications. But the most impressive knowledge he brings to the table is his 10+ years experience working with female athletes. Because of this experience he understands that women can't train the same all 30 days of the month and that their hormonal response to workouts is different than men.

He helped me transform my workout design so that I could support my hormones but also see improvements to fitness and body composition.

After just a few months of making these changes to my workouts, my symptoms began to clear and I eventually got down to my goal weight.

I am so passionate about these workouts because I have seen firsthand how they have transformed my body and my relationship with exercise and can't wait to share them with you!

Now, you have access to these very workouts as part of Strength in Hormones!

Lauren Papanos, MS, RD, CSSD

Joe Geletko, MA, RSCC, CSCS, USAW

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full bio

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Will this really work for me?

Are you sure it’s hormones that are causing me problems?

How long is the program?

What kind of time commitment are the workouts?

what if i have injuries or am pregnant?

What equipment do i need?

can i see an example of a typical workout before signing up?

Everything we program and share with you inside of Strength in Hormones is evidence-based and functional. These workouts work because they take into account the whole picture and are specific to female physiology. From how you move your body and the hormones whizzing round inside it, all this has a tangible impact on how you look and feel. 

Will this really work for me?

Is this sustainable?

Let me explain it like this, each of us is a walking ecosystem. Our hormones need to be at the right levels for everything inside us to work as they should. When there are hormones out of whack, it shows physically, from a breakout to weight gain. What we put into and how we exercise our bodies can rebalance things so our bodies go back to functioning as intended.

That’s the simple principle we work by in SIH.

Are you sure it’s hormones that are causing me problems?

This is a month-to-month program. You can join for one month at a time with our monthly plan or join for the year with our annual membership plan. Both options include six workouts per week that progress each month.

How long is this program?

There are six workouts per week but we recommend trying to complete at least 2. Each workout takes between 40 - 60 minutes but can be modified if needed.

What kind of time commitment are the workouts?

Not a problem at all, we have many women inside SIH with exercise modification needs. Each exercise includes alternative options. If you need something you can't find inside of the workouts, you can always ask on our community board and we are happy to help!

what if i have injuries or am pregnant?

We recommend having access to bands, dumbbells and one piece of cardio equipment. However, more advanced lifters will benefit from access to a barbell and kettlebells as well!

what equipment do i need?

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