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Restore vibrant health through integrating holistic healing with functional nutrition. 

We are a team of licensed Functional Registered Dietitian Nutritionists who believe in treating the body as a whole, recognizing that every aspect of your health is interconnected. Our approach addresses the root causes of health imbalances and uses nutrition as the way of healing.


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master the nutrition & lifestyle basics to vibrant hormone health.

INTegrate our holistic lifestyle approach with expansive inspiration, tools and community.

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I created Functional Fueling to be a place that you could finally find the clear answers, unwavering support and holistic guidance on your health journey. Functional Fueling blends food- and lifestyle-as-medicine. We go beyond basic dietary guidelines by addressing root causes for imbalance that look at physiological, genetic, environmental and psychological factors for disease. We combine medical nutrition therapy with integrative and functional medicine. Functional Fueling is a space to help you become more deeply connected to your body. A healing place so that you can feel your most vibrant again to show up for the things that matter most to you in life. Nutrition is just one of the tools we use to help you get there. Thank you so much for being here!


"I want you to know what a tremendous impact you have made in my life in just the past few months. Thank you for empowering me and guiding me towards a healthier future. Choosing you as my dietician was one of the best decisions I've ever made."


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"Lauren has changed my life. For about 7-8 years I had really horrendous symptoms like zero energy, super irregular bowel movements, struggled to lose weight, just really quite miserable. Since working with her, I haven't had a tummy ache, have lost 24 lbs., my skin is amazing, I have so much energy."

"I began working with Lauren/FFN after battling severe PCOS symptoms. I had unexplained weight gain, had never had a regular period in my life, horrible acne, constant/chronic fatigue.  I now have a regular period, reduced so many of my symptoms, and I've lost over 50 lbs since I started working with FFN "

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