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• Founder and Chief Dietitian
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• Master's Degree in Integrative Nutrition

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- Get to the root cause and achieve clarity.

- Test and assess your personalized needs. 

- Teach you how to eat to thrive.

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• You are motivated to integrate wellness into your life in a consistent way.
• You don't want to be just handed a plan, but also understand the why.
• You seek integrative and holistic treatment methods.
• You value a practitioner that will listen to you and understands.
• You have been to countless specialists and done your share of Google searches, but now are ready for professional help.

Menstrual Cycle Diet

  If you’re anything like us then you probably were never taught much about how your menstrual cycle works during sex ed.   All you knew was that you have a period each month, it’s inconvenient and that it is your tool to get pregnant one day.   Maybe you’ve recently learned that there is […]

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