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Your Nutrition BFF Podcast

hosted by lauren papanos, MS, RD, CSSD


expert guest interviews, practical applications with lauren and a monthly Q+A

Anxiety and Gut Health

Episode 7 kicks off Season 2 with Sarah Greenfield of Fearless Fig! Learn about Anxiety and Gut Health connection.

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Episode 6c, I answer all of your questions on how to structure effective workouts, are HIIT workouts are effective and more!

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structure effective workouts,detoxification

Episode 6b, I breakdown how to implement these different types of exercise modalities to structure an effective week of workouts. I also include how nutrition should also be paired along with the best type of workout based on your hormone healing journey.   

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structuring workouts

Episode 6a, Joe breaks down how to structuring workouts, the difference in strength training and conditioning and much more.

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Episode 5c, I cover questions like is weight loss possible with hypothyroidism? Can underactive thyroid be treated without medication? With Hashimoto should you avoid gluten? and much more!

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structure effective workouts,detoxification
cellular stress

Episode 5b, I clarify Dr. Balcavage key points so you know what to look for, how to talk to your doctor and where to begin reducing your stress on your thyroid.

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