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Your Nutrition BFF Podcast

hosted by lauren papanos, MS, RD, CSSD


expert guest interviews, practical applications with lauren and a monthly Q+A

Practical applications you can do at home to heal your gut and balance your hormones. I take the science Sarah Gordon provided in previous episode and translate them into practical self healing practices.  I also breakdown common test you may be presented with and discuss which ones are best for you, how an elimination diet […]

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Sarah Gordon is a Registered Dietitian specializing in supporting clients with disordered eating, those struggling with chronic dieting and those dealing with gut imbalances or digestive concerns. In this episode Sarah breaks down the function of the digestive system and the connection of hormones and gut! Follow Sarah on IG @sarahgordon.dietitan

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In this episode I answer questions submitted by listeners about the Hypothalamus and Hormone Balance. Tune in to learn about some common questions about the HPA Axis you might have!  

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In episode 1b, I provide practical application strategies to take the information discussed in my expert guest interview with Dr. Sarah Williams and make it easily digestible and applicable for you. I provide case study examples, tips I use with patients and even my own personal approach to supporting the hypothalamus as it relates to […]

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Dr. Sarah Williams of ModRNMed joins us today. Dr. Sarah is a licensed Naturopathic Doctor. In this episode she explains what the relationship is between the Hypothalamus and Hormones, HPA Axis and stressors while also providing some great tips on how to keep the Hypothalamus healthy.

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Welcome to Your Nutrition BFF Podcast. I’m your host Lauren Papanos. In this episode, I break down what you can expect in upcoming episodes, launch dates, topics and themes.    

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