Hormone Supportive Workouts with Joe Geletko

Episode 22 we break down Hormone Supportive Workouts with Joe Geletko! I am so excited to have my husband back on the show to discuss the newest addition to my membership, Strength in Hormones, monthly hormone supportive workout programming!

Hormone supportive workouts can be tricky. As an added feature to my strength in hormones program, you will become education on how to cycle sync your workouts and tie in nutrition for the ultima Strength in Hormones program.

Key points:
    • Background on Joe’s impact on my own workouts
    • What are hormone supportive workouts
    • The importance of resistance and cardiorespiratory training for women
    • Myths around weight lifting and getting “bulky”
    • How to integrate occasional classes into your weekly workout set-up
    • FAQ’s regarding Strength in Hormones Workouts

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Inside look

a common symptom that I’ve see of people that I work with now. And especially former athletes and high achievers is that, that willingness to, or, or that feeling like they have to have sounds that are leaving them in a pool of sweat, bloody beaten down then to feel accomplished or to feel like they’re making adaptation or they’re they are getting accomplishing something with their workout. So that that’s, that’s one of the things that I see a lot with the populations that I work with. And I think that’s one of the easiest changes that we can make in people who are used to working out, but who are a little bit novice when it comes to resistance training exercises, recognizing how truly stressful resistance training exercise is on the body, but how good it is for the body and when dosed inappropriate amounts, it can be such a powerful hormone factor as long as you consolidate stressors appropriately.

And as long as you send body the right signals. So yeah, I, I mean, I agree with you that, that you weren’t necessarily doing the wrong things. You were just doing too much of the right things, if that makes sense. And, and those, those types of mistakes are always made because, you know, we’re, we’re a society and we’re, we’re a species that, you know, when we see something that’s valuable to us, we, we tend to beat ourselves over the head with it. But in these things, it’s very important to, to, to have someone prescribing the appropriate amounts and you do it in a smart and intelligent, really structured way so that you can reap the maximum benefits from it. And it not be detrimental to your health and wellness.
So, you know, answering your question, why is resistance training important, right, especially for women. And there’s a couple of things that I can cite. I’m a huge proponent of resistance training exercise for everybody. You know, not just because I am a strength, conditioning coach or an athletic performance coach. And that is my chosen hammer. So everything looks like a nail, but resistance training. I believe it’s important for everybody, not only from a hormonal health perspective, but from a longevity perspective. And I think the reasons why, or are obvious, right? So when you resistance train, you increase your skeletal muscle mass, which is such an important regulator of metabolism.”

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