Structuring an Effective Week of Workouts w/ Joe Geletko

Structure Workouts with Joseph Geletko, my fiancé and personal fitness coach, is one of four managers and senior strength/conditioning coaches at Monarch Athletic Club in West Hollywood, California. Joe breaks down the difference between strength training and conditioning, why cardio and weight lifting should NOT be done in the same workout session and how to effectively develop a workout plan with optimum results.

“I want to make sure that everybody knows that I specialize in working with athletes. So when you work with athletes, you work with large groups of individuals who have a single training goal. So with that being said, the workouts have to be very efficient. They have to be very systemized. There has to be a hierarchy available. There has to be some, some things in place within your training program that are always pointing the arrows in the right direction, meaning that they’re always pointing towards the, towards the goals and objectives of the athletes or athletes that you’re working for working with specifically.

So before we talk about different types of workouts, I want to talk about the difference between the terms training and working out. So, you know, I’ve gotten on you about this before, but I think to start there, I think our listeners will be, will understand the difference in between training and working out is a really, really important concept to grasp before you figure out what your goals are.

the last component of training that makes it unique from working out is this assessment and reassessment process, which I think is something that we miss a lot is that when you have specific and objective goals, and once they’re defined, you’re starting to train, but you need an a pre-assessment before you start this program and you need a reassessment in order to gauge progress and ensure that the program that you prescribe for yourself or that someone else prescribed for you is helping you reach your specific goals”

So much good info here to take your fitness game to the next level!

Reach out to Joe for a consultation at coachgeletko@gmail.com. Check out Monarch in WEHO

Curious to know of Functional Nutrition goes hand in hand with effective workouts? Check out my page on what Functional Nutrition is!

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