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‘Eat your greens’ was something our mothers nagged us about when we were growing up. She had our best interests at heart, and science is proving just how right she was to insist we finish our portion at dinner. Read on as we explain how this simple, but important, piece of advice can help balance hormones and reduce risk of chronic disease. Thanks mom!

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We love a good debate, but some discussions can leave us feeling more confused than when we began. A prime example is the debate over soy. Is it good for us or bad? Read on as we untangle the health claims and explain why unprocessed soy products should be part of a well-balanced diet for most people.

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Collagen supplements are taking center stage on supermarket shelves. Few of us really understand what collagen is, how it benefits us, and what we need to do to get enough. Get your pens and pencils ready: you’re about to simultaneously boost your collagen levels and collagen IQ! 

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Our friends are awesome, aren’t they?! No matter what, they always seem to have our backs. And that’s the same when it comes to the good bacteria in our guts. ‘Probiotics’ have a huge influence here and as a result are hitting Insta feeds everywhere. Read on to discover …

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“I’m trying to heal my gut, what do I eat?”  a common question I hear in my private practice from those who want to rebuild a healthier gut. This will depend on the environment (the imbalance/issue)- we can determine this through testing and assessments…

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‘Tis the season to invest in your health! This healthy hormone guide will help you create your wish list this holiday season. Treat yourself or share it with others. The products included in this guide are some of my personal favorites that I use everyday and that I recommend for my patients as we work […]

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