Women’s Health

Learn about variety of natural fertility boosting food and lifestyle factors to ensure you are setting the stage for thriving ovarian and reproductive health.

Women's Health

Natural Fertility Boosters: Food and Lifestyle Strategies for Women

Natural Fertility Boosters

Are ice baths right for everyone? Learn the science behind ice baths, their effect on female hormones, and if this practice is right for you.

Women's Health

Ice Baths and Female Hormones: Is It Right for You?

Ice Baths and Female Hormones

With the proper vitamin regimen, period cramps can be a thing of the past. Vitamin supplementation can be an effective alternative solution to period cramps, especially when paired with a hormone supportive diet and lifestyle. Read on to learn hormone specialist and Registered Dietitian, Lauren Papanos’ top 5 vitamins for period cramps.

Women's Health

Our Top 5 Vitamins for Alleviating Period Cramps

Top 5 Vitamins for Period Cramps

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