Women’s Somatic Healing, Pelvic, and Sexual Health with Alicia Patterson

Girlfriends- we get SUPER intimate on this episode: Women’s Somatic Healing, Pelvic, and Sexual Health with Alicia Patterson.  In this episode Alicia breaks down the power of somatic healing within the body and on our nervous system, the important role the pelvis plays and how it stores trauma, plus the importance of sexual health. A topic that is not nearly talked about, tune in to learn how to begin unlocking the powerful energy of your pelvic floor. Tune in – Women’s Somatic Healing, Pelvic, and Sexual Health with Alicia Patterson.

Alicia Patterson is a mental health counselor and pelvic trauma healing specialist in Denver CO.  She has a versatile studies in Alicia received a Bachelor of Arts in Communication from Mount Saint Mary’s University and then went on to receive her Masters of Arts in Somatic Psychology from Naropa University.  She studied Massage Therapy  and Holistic Pelvic Care training, holding additional training in EMDR therapy and other trauma-oriented tools.

So nerves do impact endocrine system function. I really believe that I believe that our neurons in our brain or neurological activities talking to our nerves and our nerves are sending signals to different organs, like produce this and do this and feel this. And if our nerves are very numb or talked or totally kind of checked out, it’s probably going to be an impact on hormonal flow. Through that the blood flow system, the immune system, I love the most holistic writing I’ve read about like how intertwined the immune system and the nervous system is and if our nervous system and our stress system is really taxed, our immune system is always also going to be really suffering and that’s going to impact our hormonal experience of our reproductive system, because our pelvis is filled with lymph fluid. Our pelvis is filled with all of this really important, so many subtle layers of tissues and fascia and fascia is like consciousness and the body, you know, it’s this like gelatinous jelly, like very emotionally oriented part of our body. And if our fascia is so constricted or kind of dense, or like not really feeling the pulse of life and vitality, then our hormones are just going to be kind of sluggish or, or they’re going to be like pumping and dumping and working so hard and not really recovering.”


Important  points we cover👇👇👇

  • What is somatic healing
  • Why the pelvis and hormones are connected
  • What is holistic pelvic care and what all women should be doing daily to care for their pelvic health
  • Common pelvic floor symptoms
  • Pelvic floor and pregnancy

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