Seed Cycling w/ Kate of Funk It Wellness -

Seed Cycling w/ Kate of Funk It Wellness

Seed cycling combines ancient practices with modern research to give you long-term PMS relief through real food. It is as simple as tracking your cycle, choosing your seed blend, and adding 2 tbsps a day to the foods you already love! In this episode we have founder of Funk It Wellness. Kate is a Registered Dietitian with a specialization in hormone health + plant based nutrition.

We discuss which seeds are best during your cycle, the science behind why it works, success stories and how to get started for hormone support.

“we have four parts of your menstrual cycle, so you’ve got your actual period, your follicular phase, your ovulatory phase and your luteal phase, but those can kind of be divided into two halves is the way I look at it when you’re looking at it nutritionally. And so for the first half of your cycle, so period to ovulation, you were, we’re going to be using organic ground flax and pumpkin seeds, one tablespoon of each. And then as you move into the second half of your cycle, after ovulation, you are going to be using organic ground sesame and sunflower seeds.

So ovulation until your next period. And that is kind of the practical implication of how you do it. And then from there, we can get into a little bit more detail. So why those seeds, that’s always a question I get. So why those seeds and here’s the answer when you’re on your period, you’ve got a lot more inflammation going on. You know, you’re shedding your uterine, lining your digestion, slowing down, it’s all these different things. And so the flax seeds are really great for supporting inflammation. They have lots of omega threes in them. They also have these amazing things called lignans in them, which are phytoestrogens, which is really important for a little bit later on in that follicular phase when we are working on kind of getting our estrogen in check and estrogen balance because they can help to either remove and excrete excess estrogen or fill in the pieces if you need more.”



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