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Root Cause of PCOS w/ Jillian Greaves

Episode 12: Special guest Jillian Greaves shares with us the Root Cause of PCOS. Jillian Greaves Functional Nutrition & Wellness is a functional medicine nutrition practice based in Boston. Founding nutritionist Jillian Greaves is a registered dietitian and women’s health specialist that provides comprehensive nutrition and lifestyle counseling to women, with a special emphasis on PCOS, hormone balance, and digestive health. Jillian helps clients identify and address the root causes of their hormone and digestive symptoms naturally using advanced lab testing, personalized nutrition, and supportive lifestyle therapies as the first line of intervention.


Few things we chat about:

  • importance of understanding your diagnosis
  • potential causes of symptoms
  • different types of PCOS
  • how to manage living with PCOS
  • why testing can be super effective in treatment plans

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