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How to Reverse Low Thyroid Function Without Pills

Have you ever been presented with pills such as hormone replacement to help normalize your thyroid? Or maybe you have gone to the doctor thinking you have low thyroid function because of your symptoms but they run labs and say, “everything looks normal.” It may not be all in your head. A simple TSH blood test tells us very little about the root causes driving your unwanted symptoms of bloating, hair loss and a slow metabolism.
Did you know that there are several underlying root causes to slow thyroid function? That’s right. With any hormonal imbalance or condition we have to always ask the bigger question of WHY are your hormones not working as optimally as they should. And for most women this is related to controllable factors such as diet, exercise, and lifestyle.
In episode 23 I spill all the deets on these exact underlying root causes. I share with you how I cut my TSH in half in just 2 months time by addressing the root causes of my own low thyroid function.
A few important things I touch on👇👇👇
  • the true root causes to sluggish thyroid function
  • how the endocrine system works together to feed the thyroid
  • toxic environmental exposures you might not know are harmful to your thyroid
  • the role of the liver, gut and micronutrients

TLDR:  Podcast episode where I share how to reverse low thyroid function without pills.  I provide a breakdown of important functions in the body so that you can understand the root causes that could be impacting your thyroid function.

Have you tested your body the root causes of low thyroid function?

The GI MAP comprehensive stool test analyzes your stool sample to assess your microbiome for bacterial and parasitic infections as well as digestive function and inflammation. Through testing we are able to understand where the gut may need additional support and add or remove specific nutrients from the diet to elicit gut healing.

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