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Kasandrinos Olive Oil

The highest quality olive oil sourced directly from Greece from hand-picked olives. Cold-pressed and cold-extracted to ensure that your oil maintains it’s healthiest form through production and shipping straight to your home. Also available are high quality balsamic glazes that can be used on vegetables for additional flavor and added nutritional value.

Benefit: cold-pressed, cold-extracted single source olive oil that truly is 100% olives. This is the highest quality olive oil on the market and the only one I use.

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Funk it wellness seeds

Funk It's Seed Cycling Kit includes everything you need to get started on your journey to creating a better cycle through real food that you can trust. Seed cycling combines ancient practices with modern research to give you long-term PMS relief through real food.

Benefit: Try real food for a better period. Get 10% off your 
Funk it seed cycling starter kit 

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Manuka Honey

Manuka honey contains Methylgloxal (MGO), a naturally occurring unique compound that provides the antibacterial activity in Manuka products. The honey is MGO certified by independent laboratories and is free of glyphosate, BPA, and antibiotics to name a few. Manuka honey is great for the immune system and healing both internally and on the skin.

Benefit: immune support, anti-bacterial, functional sweetner.

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KetoMojo glucose and ketones monitor

Accurately measure your ketones and blood sugar levels by using the KetoMojo blood glucose and ketone monitor. I personally use the KetoMojo to personalize my own nutrition and patients to help them support healthy blood sugar and insulin levels which is at the base of all hormone health.

Benefit: accurately track your own blood sugar and ketone levels to help you determine your response to specific foods, sleep, stress, and exercise strategies.

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Regular Girl

Prebiotic and probiotic support to nourish your healthy gut bacteria and support urinary tract health. Easy on-the-go packets and home powder options that all taste delicious!

Benefit: shelf stable prebiotic and probiotic powder to support gut health.

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Pasture-raised bone broth that is rich in glutamine and glycine and can help support your body's master antioxidant, glutathione. We love this bone broth as an easy and effective way to support your gut health.

Benefit:  pasture-raised, regenerative agriculture

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Scout & Cellar clean wine

Clean, almost zero residual sugar, and no chemical wine. Wine can be part of a healthy diet if purchased from a reputable company that tests for sugar and chemicals and when drank in moderation. This is what Lauren herself enjoys when she wants to have a glass and also the wine she recommends for all clients.

Benefit: no hangover wine that can fit into your nutrition and health plan!

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needed prenatals

A complete prenatal for her and him that includes the most absorbable forms of vitamins in addition to important nutrients for conception like choline and antioxidants. Available in both capsules and a powder that can be easily added to smoothies.

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eat your coffee

Eat Your Coffee is one of my personal favorite pre-workout options. It is a coffee infused bar that provides you carbohydrate, protein and caffeine to help fuel your workout. 

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Risewell is a hydroxyappetite based toothpaste. Hydroxyappetite is a natural and safe alternative to flouride while still providing the mineralization support that flouride does. 

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gut personal gut supplements

Gut Personal is a line of professional grade supplements targeted to heal, support and balance your gut. They are third party tested and clinically dosed to ensure the best efficacy.

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