Functional Fueling Holiday Guide

Happy Holidays from us at Functional Fueling Nutrition, to you and your family! I’ve put together a Holiday guide with some of my personal must-have items. Inside this Guide you will find everything from clean home to classy fashion. Plus, I’ve included tons of discount codes exclusive to you as an FFN gal. Snag something from the Guide? Come share with me over on Instagram and tag me @nutritionwithlo. Wishing you a season full of joy, memories and fun!





Gold Hoops

These earrings are a personal fave of mine. You can take them from WFH to night on the town just by a quick change of clothes. If you have multiple piercings, you can also add them to your ear stack. A pair of small hoop earrings and a barely there single stud will complete this look.





Gold Straws

These metal straws look equally beautiful in a mocktail or adrenal cocktail. I love to dress up healthy beverages with these straws to make healthy habits even more desirable. Also, each reusable straw has the potential to eliminate up to 500 plastic straws over its lifetime! 

I am a mason jar addict! I use them from everything from pickling vegetables to drinking my water. They are super versatile, last forever and are free of phthalates and other chemicals found in most water bottles.







Cocktail or Mocktail Glasses

These glasses are such a fun way to make mocktails more exciting! I love to add apple cider vinegar, a splash of kombucha or pressed juice and a sparkling water to them for a fun week night beverage.








Manukora Honey

Manuka honey is loaded with immune supportive benefits thanks to its main ingredient, antibacterial methylglyoxal (MGO). Plus, with Manukora, they add in adaptogenic herbs which offer additional hormone supportive benefits especially to your adrenal hormones. They also practice ethical beekeeping to ensure that the bees and the environment are always protected. I love using this honey in place of sugar or syrup on sweet goods.








Journaling is one of my favorite ways to help shut off the mind at night and decrease stress. I use journaling with many of my clients to help them enhance sleep quality and improve their relationship with food and their body. It is an incredible tool for processing thoughts, fears, and setting goals. I keep a journal next to my bedside each night to write down these very things in addition to any ideas that come to mind for my business so that I can sleep soundly at night.




Sauna Blanket

I am a huge fan of infrared sauna for supporting gut and hormone health. Our world is more toxic than ever and the infrared sauna is an enjoyable way to help detox the body of some of these harmful chemicals you are exposed to everyday. I use my sauna several times per week. The HigherDOSE infrared Sauna Blanket is a portable sauna option for home therapy. I have several clients who use it and rave about how amazing it works!!





Libations Book

This Floral Libation book contains beautiful recipes that combine playful creativity of fashion, the deliciousness of food, and the beauty of flowers, in one gorgeous glass. Lots of floral cocktails, non-alcoholic and alcohol mixed drinks that you can enjoy this holiday! Health is soo much more fun when we make it exciting!







‘Good on Ya’ Herbal Root Beer Drops

Where are my fellow A&W root beer gals at?! I am addicted to these drops and so is my husband (spoiler alert: he’s not even a root beer fan and still loves them). Plus, I love that the ingredients are 100% herbal. They contain no sugar, are organic and taste like the A&W we grew up to love. Add a few squirts of this tasty concentrate to bubbly water and sip your way to root beer flavored health! This is an excellent replacement to traditional soda and can be used to make a yummy root beer float dessert this Holiday






Blood Glucose Monitor

Understand how your body is metabolizing some of your staple meals by testing with the KetoMojo blood glucose monitor. This is a great way to learn your bodies individualized response and tolerance to specific foods and food quantities. 







FFN Logo Cup

Enjoy your favorite coffee, adrenal cocktail, or iced green tea with our bpa-free, glass logo cup. Plus, this is a cup for a cause! For every sale made, $2 will be donated to a non-profit supporting menstrual education and female hygiene product access in young girls.








Pleated Lamp

If you follow me on Instagram you have likely seen this iconic lamp in the back of my office pictures. I am obsessed with it. It is such good quality and the pretty post-modern style.









Sugar Free and Non- Toxic Wine

I love a crisp glass of red wine every now and then but cannot take the hangovers that ensue. Add to that knowing that most store bought wines are loaded with tons of chemicals and sugar- I will typically just pass. That’s why I love Scout & Cellar wines. They are triple-tested to ensure no chemicals are used in the preservation process and contain almost no residual sugar. They even share the residual sugar content on their website so that you can see before you buy. My personal favorite is the Oso line (not just because my dog’s name is Oso). Give it a try and let me know what you think- cheers!







Antioxidant- Rich Olive Oil


Similar to the wine industry, most store-bought olive oil is actually a blend of hydrogenated vegetable oils. Add to that that it’s best sitting for months or years underneath the bright grocery store light getting oxidized. Olive oil is one of the healthiest foods in the world, but it must be pure 100% extra virgin and cold pressed to obtain these benefits. I love the benefits of olive oil so much that I go out of my way to use it as a fat source on cold meals like salads. They even have fun travel sized pouches so that you can omit the vegetable oils when traveling or eating out too!






Paraben Free Candles

Koral’s candles are made with all-natural soy wax and are phthalate-free. Traditional store bought chemicals are full of chemicals that are endocrine (hormone) disrupting. Korals candles are eco-friendly, renewable, American grown, and carbon neutral. Soy wax is derived from the oil of soybeans. When compared to other types of wax, this soy wax burns cleaner and longer. They are my personal favorite for making the house smell like baked cinnamon rolls all winter long. I love that I can burn them and feel comfortable knowing that I am not exposing myself to hormone-disrupting phthalates.







Non- Hormonal Birth Control

Natural Cycles is a hormone-free way to manage your cycles. It is considered a birth control and fertility tracking method all in one. You simply place the device under your tongue first thing in the morning and it tells you when you are fertile based on your basal body temperature. It is an FDA approved medical device and is validated for accuracy. With the incredible nutrient depletions and hormonal changes that occur when using hormonal birth control methods, Natural Cycles is something that I recommend as a safe alternative to traditional oral contraceptives and birth control. Use the link below to get 30% off!





Oura Ring

Optimize your sleep, recovery and cycle with the Oura ring. The Oura ring will track your sleep stages to learn what factors make you sleep deeper, stronger, accurate data. It also syncs with Natural Cycles to track your menstrual cycle. Many of my clients find it to be an easier alternative to basal body temperature tracking like Natural Cycles. All you have to do with the Oura ring is wake up and click “sync temperature.” Plus I love that it is a pretty gold color so I”m not afraid to wear it with a cute outfit. Use the link below to get $50 off!







Non- Toxic Stasher Bags

Stasher bags are a healthier alternative to plastic. Trust me when I say that the last thing you want to do is store your precious organic food in plastic bags. Stashers are endlessly reusable and a functional storage alternative to single use bags that will save money in the long run.  






Showerhead Filter

Take care of your body with clean and refreshing filtered water. The Jolie filtered showerhead is a great accessory for your skin and hair care routine. It removes chlorine, heavy metals and other contaminants. 





Pilates Grip Socks

When I am not doing my Strength in Hormones workouts, you can find me at Lagree Pilates. I like to go once per week as a recovery and core-focused alternative to the hormone supportive workouts inside of SIH. These cozy pilates socks have a non-slip grip to provide stability and security for all barefoot exercises that will help maximize your workouts. Plus, I love that they look like traditional cute crew socks!





Slip on Sandals

I wear these slip on sandals over my Pilates socks. They are so comfy and can also be worn around the house as a house shoe. They feel like you are walking on clouds!!





Workout Bands

These are the very bands that we have in our home gym! If you are part of Strength in Hormones, we use bands quite a bit in accessory movements. Or if you are new to resistance training they can be used initially in place of dumbbells and other resistance workouts. They are great quality, neutral in color (my fave!) and come with a variety of resistances for various exercises.





Pre-Workout Bar

Eat Your Coffee is a perfect pre-workout option and great for a stocking stuffer! It has the ideal macronutrient ratio for women prior to exercise plus the added ergogenic (performance boosting) benefit of a touch of caffeine. I love having these in the pantry for those early morning workouts where you can’t eat a full meal before but need to have something small to support your hormones.






Needed Prenatals

Prenatals are not all created equal. There are so many out there loaded with synthetic vitamins and hardly containing the amounts of specific vitamins needed prior to, during and after pregnancy. Needed was developed by a team of naturopathic doctors to change the prenatal game. Plus they have a powder option which is great for sneaking it in smoothies or yogurt for the first trimester morning sickness.






Non- Toxic Toothpaste

Did you know that common toothpaste brands contain fluoride which is a known endocrine disruptor chemical? Okay maybe you did know that and are using a natural alternative instead. Although these natural alternatives don’t contain the fluoride, they also don’t contain any tooth enamel protection. That’s where hydroxyappetite comes in. Hydroxyappetite is a safe alternative to fluoride that doesn’t contain the endocrine disrupting chemicals but does provide tooth enamel protection to prevent against cavities and help naturally whiten the teeth through the mineralization process. I use their entire line of products as traditional store bought floss and mouthrinse is no better!






Funk It Seed Cycling Kit

Funk It Wellness is a subscription-based seed cycling company that makes seed cycling easy, effective and healthy for you! Store bought ground seeds have lost many of their nutritional benefits because they have been sitting on the shelves for so long. With Funk It Wellness, they ship you freshly ground seeds to ensure you receive all of the nutrition boosting benefits. Plus they separate them into the two phases of your cycle to make it easy to follow. They can be a great addition to your hormone supportive diet to provided added hormone balancing benefit.







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