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Detoxification Explained w/ Julia Glanz

Have you ever done a juice cleanse? If so – you’ll want to hear what Julia Glanz, MS, RD, CSCS, says about detoxification, your body, and hormones! Detoxification is a buzz word used a lot in the media, but many do not know the routes of detoxification and how the gut plays a role.

Detoxification, it’s really just your body’s innate ability to remove toxins from your body. And I want to emphasize the word innate because your body does have a natural detoxification process and it’s working for you 24/ 7, 365. And the reason it’s important to emphasize the fact that we all have this process working for us is because like you said, Detoxification has become a very big buzzword and the marketing of many different companies have monetized off of that.

So our body has this innate ability to detoxify and it, this system comes in three different phases. So we have phase one, which is the activation phase, which happens in our liver. And what happens here is that we are exposed to a toxin and a toxin is just a substance that it’s like a foreign invader in our body. And if not removed properly can wreck havoc on our immune system, our nervous system, our hormonal system flush the endocrine system and we have disability to number one, bind nutrients to these toxins so that the toxins become less harmful.

Get ready to take notes as Julia provides lifestyle practices to support detoxification.

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