The Science Behind the Lagree Method & why so many women (like me) love it

The Science Behind the Lagree Method & why so many women (like me) love it

Lagree, not to be confused with pilates, is one of my favorite workouts. You guys know that I am a die hard believer and follower of our very own workout program, Strength in Hormones. But I also like to incorporate Lagree into that routine about once per week. I have seen such great pelvic floor and core benefits from doing it. I am also certified in Lagree and one day hope to maybe teach if life ever gets less busy! It’s for all these reasons and more that I brought on the man behind the method, Sebastien Lagree. Sebastien is the founder of Lagree Fitness. In this episode he dives into the science behind how Lagree works, how to structure it into your week, benefits to expect and why he recommends pairing it with other forms of fitness for the most balanced body, inside and out.

A few things we chat about in this episode 👇👇👇

  1. What is the Lagree Fitness workout and what’s the science behind how it works
  2. How and why is it different from traditional Pilates as well as traditional strength training?
  3. The best way to implement Lagree workouts to reap the maximum benefits
  4. What is something common you see that people are doing wrong with Lagree that could be sabotaging their results?
  5. What modifications should women be aware about if they are pregnant?

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00:00 Introduction

06:13 The Evolution of Lagree Method

09:31 Core Components of Lagree Fitness

15:00 Tempo and Isometric Contractions

26:09 Safer way to Strengthen Muscles

29:33 Benefits of Lagree Training

34:14 The Difference in Body Building and Lagree

40:07 The benefits of Lagree during pregnancy

41:44 Accessing Lagree outside of Studios

43:13 The Future of Lagree Equipment


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