The Quality of Your Meat Matters More Than Produce For You- Here’s Why

The Quality of Your Meat Matters More Than Produce For You- Here’s Why

Have you ever wondered, what is the difference between organic, grass-fed and pasture raised when purchasing your proteins? Or if eating animal proteins is healthy for you and the environment? We answer all these questions in this week’s episode with farmer Tyler. Tyler is the owner of Big Bluff Ranch, a regenerative poultry agriculture ranch based in Northern California. We discuss the differences between regenerative agriculture and regular agriculture and why these differences matter so much for you and the animal’s health.

A few things we chat about in this episode 👇👇👇

  1. What you need to know about conventional meat and the production and nutritional quality of it.
  2. The different labelings in agriculture and what they mean for you and the animal’s wellbeing: organic vs. cage free vs. grass fed vs. pasture raised
  3. What is regenerative agriculture and why is it better for the animal and the environment?
  4. Why I don’t eat muscle meats and believe in the importance of bone in and full fat quality animal proteins for human health.

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00:00 Introduction

07:43 Benefits of Pasture-Raised Poultry

22:21 Regenerative Agriculture and its impact

30:00 Animals and their Impact on the Environment

31:34 History of Regenerative Farming Practices

34:32 Conventional Agriculture and Cover Crops

37:15 Pasture Raised vs Grass Fed vs Organic

38:15 Historical Changes in Protein Consumption

43:14 The Importance of Eating Nose to Tail

49:27 About Big Bluff Ranch


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