PCOS Practical Applications

PCOS  Practical Applications episode I clarify the importance of knowing the signs of PCOS as its usually misdiagnosed or underdiagnosed. I share which tests might be best for you, why lifestyle is a key factor and breakdown tips Jesse Valera RD, provided in the previous episode!

And if you are listening and you have PCOS, or maybe you don’t because it is so misdiagnosed or underdiagnosed, that you can understand what you can start working on. If you think that maybe a lot of your symptoms align with PCOS, so let’s get started and let’s jump right in. First thing that I want to just recap on is that in last week’s episode, Jesse explained that PCOS is not only a hormonal condition, but it’s also a metabolic condition. And so it is considered a hormonal metabolic condition. And what that means is that not only is it hormonally driven, is there generally hormonal dysfunction that drives PCOS. There’s also metabolic dysfunction and it’s a little bit unknown at this point as to whether the metabolic dysfunction is what initiates the PCOS, but it’s thought that that is how it occurs that the insulin resistance, which is the metabolic piece starts first, and then the hyper androgenic symptoms come as a result.

Tune in now to start taking control of PCOS symptoms, be sure to have your note book ready .





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