Nutritional Changes in Your 40s

In my practice, I work with women of all ages. When I am asked to give the “best nutrition advice” I always answer back- “well, for which age group?” because the way a 20-30 year old eats is/and should be different than women in their 40-50s eat. In this episode I share with you nutritional changes in your 40s, with some explanation on how hormones work in your 40s and most importantly, how to help alleviate some symptoms.

Listen to this episode if you are currently going through hormonal changes or maybe you have an older women in your life who is having a difficult time with these changes. Nutritional changes in your 40s – Share this episode!

Few things I share in this episode:

    • the hormonal changes happening in the body after 40
    • role of the autonomic nervous system
    • phytoestrogens
    • tips on how to support your hormonal changes
    • how to alleviate a few symptoms of perimenopause/menopause such as hot flashes

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