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Improving Metabolism by Building Strength

Welcome to Season 3! We are back with a new name, The Strength in Hormones Podcast. In S3Ep1 I share all about Improving Metabolism by Building Strength. 

Hello everyone, and welcome to the strength in hormones podcast. This is our first season under the name of the strength in hormones podcast. If you’ve been a listener for some time, then you probably know my podcast as your nutrition BFF, but we have rebranded it. And we are going to bring you so many amazing episodes this season. I am so excited and I cannot wait to be able to bring these to you.

What you can expect from this season, season three is a lot more of us talking about the role of muscle and strength and how to improve your hormonal health. All under that umbrella. I am going to be sharing a lot of my own recommendations. And so you’ll probably hear a lot more of me and I will also be interviewing guests experts on relatable topics.

In this episode, Improving Metabolism by Building Strength I share with you why planning your workouts according to your menstrual cycle can help you lose weight and build strength. I also touch on how this can be helpful for PCOS. 

Few things I share in this episode:

    • the best types of workouts for hormonal response in women
    • nutrition around your workouts to maximize the hormonal response
    • the role that muscle plays in hormones, metabolism and prevention of chronic disease
    • how the hormonal changes throughout your cycle impact your workouts
    • and so much more

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