How to Accept Your Body at Every Stage of Healing

Tune into Episode 20 for some girl talk with Rachel Katz as we chat on how to accept your body at every stage of healing.

Rachel is the owner and founder of The Full Life by Rachel. She is a Nutritional Scientist, Wellness Embodiment Coach & Yoga Teacher. She helps her clients heal on a mind, body & soul level so that they can embody true wellness and have healthier relationships- with food, their bodies, others, and their life!

We chat about simple yet effective self-love practices along with the importance of setting boundaries. Plus we discuss eating disorders, weight loss, social influences and so much more.

Here are some key points from our talk:

  • Why self negativity manifests in the first place
  • How feeling disconnected from your body is more common than you think
  • The psychological process of the wellness journey
  • How to prevent slipping back into the negative self-talk
  • Self Love practices for your nervous system and how to maintain sustainable change

Yes – we cover ALOT but it’s so important to focus not only on the physical aspect of healing but the whole mind, body, and spirit of feeling truly happy and healthy. To accept your body at every stage of healing it takes time and a positive influence.

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