Hormone Cancer Prevention & Natural Treatments with Dionne Detraz, RD

Hello Everyone – welcome to SEASON 5 of the Strength in Hormones Podcast! I am so excited for this season as we have some amazing guests. To kick off this season is Dionne Detraz, an Integrative and Functional Cancer Dietitian, author of “The Cancer Diet Cookbook”, and Founder of Ground & Root Cancer Nutrition. She shares tips on hormone related cancer prevention & treatment.
A few things we chat about in this episode 👇👇👇
  • What is cancer?
  • Are hormone related cancers only genetic?
  • What are the different types of hormone related cancers?
  • Nutrition strategies for cancer prevention and preventing recurrence
  • The role of emotional wellness in cancer outcomes
  • Phytoestrogens – safe or not for hormone cancers?

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