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Effective Workouts Practical Applications

Did you enjoy my previous Episode 6a with Joseph Geletko as he explained different types of workouts? In this episode I breakdown how to implement these different types of exercise modalities to structure an effective week of workouts.

So one of the things that Joe talked about a lot was how to make these workouts within the week effective. And we talked about the difference between training and working out. We talked about that there’s three different types of exercise modalities, essentially, right? There’s cardio respiratory or more of your aerobic fitness, there’s resistance training or strength-based. And then there’s also neuromuscular. And we talked about how you want to have a little bit of each of those looped into the week to really be able to maximize both your body composition and your internal health. And then we talked about this idea of concurrent training, where you do both of those are, you know, all three of those different types of workouts, essentially in the same day, and try to get really good at all of them at the same time.

I like to really emphasize the use of those Zone 2, those cardio-respiratory workouts.
We talked about my love for them and why I think they’re so effective in Episode 6a, I like to use this a lot and the clients that I work with because they are so easy on the sympathetic nervous system, they are a really great way to support recovery. And we’re also getting all of those mitochondrial benefits. As Joe mentioned, the mitochondria are an important component to our ability to support energy production, our ability to utilize fuel from what we consume, support our metabolism and also support our hormones. It’s a really important piece of the hormone puzzle. The zone two workouts have been shown to be able to support this, especially when done in a fasted state.

I also include how nutrition should also be paired along with the best type of workout based on your hormone healing journey.

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