Detoxification Q+A

Detoxification overload?? Don’t worry girlfriend –  I break down the most common questions I received about doing a proper detox, fads to not believe, and how to ensure your body continues to detox!

I start off by answering about binders. A binder, if you’re not familiar is a supplement, a nutrient that’s used in large quantities as a supplement that helps bind up a large quantity of some type of toxin. Generally, they are utilized with heavy metal toxicity, or if there’s an excess of chemicals that are detected through testing, and there are many different options that you can utilize here.
A lot of people will utilize something like charcoal. You might’ve heard of activated charcoal before or clay. Both of those are fine options, but I typically like to use a chlorella powder. And the one in particular that I use is called sun chlorella. And the reason why I use it is that it’s a little bit more gentle than some of those other binders, like the charcoal and the clay. And the problem with those is that not only are going to bind up, whatever is in large quantities, but that’s also a toxin. They’re also going to bind up micronutrients. And as we talked about in the last episode, if you don’t have enough of these micronutrients on board, we can’t complete these various steps of detoxification. Be sure to go back to previous episodes with Julia Glanz and my practical applications so you can get started right away and learn how to help your body function properly. This is key in keeping your hormones balanced and ensuring all of your cleansing organs work properly.
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