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Effective Workouts Q&A

Last Episode for Season 1! I answer all of your questions on how to create effective workouts such as if HIIT workouts are effective, is stretching better before or after a workout, whether or not fasting is beneficial during workouts and more.

The first question that we’ll start with today was on how to integrate stretching or mobility. Now, I am not a strength conditioning specialist or a physical therapist, so please keep that in mind, but I will speak on behalf of what Jo’s response has been to me. And he has stated that it is best to do mobility prior to a workout.
So you would do mobility for a few minutes. He likes to use the FRC type movements. It’s Functional Range Conditioning. If you want it to look into that, and those are basically to help improve the mobility of your hips, your, your joints, essentially. So that might be something for you to integrate in terms of stretching. If you feel the need to stretch, then maybe that’s something that you can do. And the evening time before you go to bed, to be able to just help get you into more of a parasympathetic state, kind of use that as part of your wind down that you might do with reading or meditation and such.

I like to integrate for my PCOS patients is a couple of days of just pure resistance training. And then a few days of zone two, they’re both targeted at really improving that blood sugar and insulin sensitivity. We’re going to see that the more muscle you have, the more blood sugar you’re able to dispose of. So that’s some of the benefits of those resistance training workouts. And we’re going to see more increasingly muscle tissue. The more increasingly muscle tissue you have, the faster your resting metabolic rate is going to be the more calories you’re burning at rest and more fat oxidation that’s happening. So a lot of benefits, especially from a weight loss perspective, but on the zone two, which is what we talked about on episode 6a as well.


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