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Recap: QCC New Year’s Group Program

We are wrapping up week 8 for our QCC New Year’s Group Program and wow as I reflect back, what an awesome experience it was. If you have been around for some time, you know that I have done group programs in the past. But this one, was truly like any other. The interaction from the community and the testimonials of what the women who joined, gained, during these 8 weeks is truly amazing!
So amazing that we are going to be revamping the program and releasing it again in the next few weeks- stay tuned for updates on this!
What was QCC?
QCC was an 8 week women’s only program geared towards optimizing the female body through food, movement and habits. Some of the topics we covered during these 8 weeks were: hormone balance, effective workouts, vitamins and supplements, improving metabolism for body composition success. You can learn more about what was offered in the program here.
Here’s what some of the women who joined us had to say about the program:
Question 1: What was the most beneficial part of QCC for you?
“The meal plans, proportions, variety of food without feeling too restrictive.”
“I’ve loved it all. The calls and access to everyone has been the most helpful.”
“Having a team and a community I could share my goals with.”
“Having everything planned out for me.”
“Having meal plans and workouts mapped out for me.”
Do you resonate with looking for any of these components? Then be sure to sign up for my email list here to stay abreast of our next edition of QCC!
Question 2: Please provide a summary of your overall experience with QCC?
“Before QCC I didn’t know the why behind nutrition. I think that my experience has helped open my eyes to how many things I can eat without being restrictive. The biggest takeaway for me has been that this isn’t a marathon, it’s about life changes that you can maintain and keep up with over the years.”
“This program was clean, organized, easy to navigate, and had great guidance and support. I’ve purchased other programs from big names and they paled in comparison to this. The information and support was top notch.”
“I loved working with Coach Lauren and Kaitlin! They are super passionate, professional, and knowledge about nutrition/fitness. They were also great on checking in on us and were super encouraging. They are amazing women who are trying to set you up for success. The best part is they set us up with the tools needed to maintain this holistic healthy lifestyle, even after the 8 weeks. 10/10 recommend this program!!”
“I am genuinely excited and HAPPY to move my body again and be physical. This program brought my self confidence back and gave me the tools to succeed when I thought I couldn’t.”
“I just feel better about my body in general. It’s more toned and I can tell I’ve lost inches around my waist and thighs, I have more energy than I’ve ever had before, I’m not bloated or gassy like I used to ALWAYS struggle with! I’ve honestly never worked with two people like Lauren and Kaitlin who are so knowledgeable in what they do!”
“QCC taught me how to maximize my efforts by effectively using diet and exercise. But most importantly, these 8 weeks taught me how important mindset is.”
Thank you to all of the amazing women who joined us these past 8 weeks- we are so grateful to have coached you! If you love group programs and want to learn more about when the next edition is released- subscribe to my email list here.


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