Postpartum Thyroid Conditions w/ Jessica Monroe

In episode 17 Jessica Monroe helps us understand postpartum thyroid conditions and what to do if diagnosed during pregnancy.

Jessica is a prenatal dietitian specializing in seeing women from preconception through postpartum. Since each stage comes with its own challenges, she helps women optimize their health for each. For example, with preconception,  She sees a lot of women who are struggling to get pregnant, and with functional testing, Jessica assists her clients in getting pregnant naturally or optimizing their chances of getting pregnant via IUI or IVF. With pregnant and postpartum clients, Jessica works on doing what’s best for mom and baby from reducing side effects of pregnancy or helping to heal from birth.

Few things we chat about:

  • Thyroid changes that happen during pregnancy
  • Testing prior to and during pregnancy for preventative care 
  • Prevalence of thyroid conditions developing after pregnancy
  • Symptoms new moms experience when dealing with a thyroid condition
  • What new moms can do to help manage their thyroid if diagnosed

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