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My CGM Experience

I did an experiment on myself, and as a data nerd, I couldn’t wait to share with you my CGM experience and results! The reason why I wanted to track and share my data is because I have a lot of clients who use the continuous glucose monitor and wanted to truly get an experience that my clients are going through to further help them. Plus, I just love data and results! So I tried it myself. Episode 26 is all about my CGM experience.

So, you might be wondering what exactly is a CGM (continuous glucose monitor). A CGM is a compact medical system that continuously monitors your glucose levels in almost real-time.

To use a CGM, you insert a small sensor onto your abdomen (or arm) with a tiny plastic tube known as a cannula penetrating the top layer of skin. An adhesive patch holds the sensor in place, allowing it to take glucose readings in interstitial fluid (the fluid that surrounds cells in the body) throughout the day and night. Generally, the sensors have to be replaced every 7 to 14 days.

Why is a CGM beneficial? You can literally see in real-time the effects of food and exercise on your blood glucose levels, and catch cases of hyperglycemia (blood sugar too high) and hypoglycemia (blood sugar too low) as they happen, avoiding the potentially dangerous consequences. This is a huge advantage over pricking your finger, which only provides a single glucose reading at a time.

Listen on (or read below) to learn about my CGM experience and if this is possibly a right fit for you.

A few things I touch on👇👇👇
  • what is a CGM and how I use it with clients
  • my biggest findings in data using the CGM
  • SUPER surprising factors that did not affect my glucose levels
  • how this is helpful (or potentially harmful) in adjusting your diet and lifestyle
  • the power of technology in your health regimen

TLDR: my experience with a glucose monitor to determine what foods and lifestyle practices elevated, decreased, and made no change to my levels.

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