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Anxiety and Gut Health w/ Sarah Greenfield

Show Kicking off Season 2 with Sarah Greenfield, a Functional Dietitian and Founder of the Fearless Fig @fearlessfig. She helps high-achieving women cut through the noise and find exactly what works for their body. In this episode we talk about the connection between Anxiety and Gut Health!

“When it’s chronic, when it’s just chronic anxiety, it can really impact. Cause if it’s, you know, you’re exposed to that for a long period of time, it’s going to deplete your B vitamins, which is going to help your adrenals and stress response respond better. But when you’re under it, it’s just like goes through. B-vitamins really quickly. It can decrease diversity in your microbiome, which also impacts your body’s ability to make B vitamins and B vitamins are at the core of our ability to make energy, to make neuro-transmitters. So they’re really critical and a lot of metabolic processes in the body. So those are just physiological changes and things that can happen when you have that chronic stress response.

And also this is when we start to see these skin issues, pop up things like eczema, psoriasis. Those can all get worse when we’re under chronic stress or just have that long-term anxiety.”

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