Acne and Skincare with Esthetician Carolyn

Have you tried endless skincare products to get rid of your acne? This episode is all about Acne and Skincare with Esthetician Carolyn, founder of The Complexion Club. Carolyn is an acne specialist esthetician and started  The Complexion Club through her passion for aesthetics, self-care, and the fantastic relationships she’s built with her clients.

“The science behind skin and how different ingredients and techniques work to heal and improve our skin also just fascinates me. Each person’s skin is so unique and I enjoy creating custom treatments and skincare plans to best fit each individual. ” – Carolyn

A few things we chat about👇👇👇
  • different types of acne
  • root cause of breakouts
  • different ingredients like acids and which one is best for your skin
  • Acne and pregnancy treatment
  • Light mask therapy – which light is better
  • How to treat a pimple at home
  • Accutane: Yes or No

TLDR: Acne and Skincare with Esthetician Carolyn, who specializes in acne.

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