5 Habits I Do Every Week for My Hormones

I share with you 5 habits I do every week for my hormones. As a past hormone mystery case – I have created an effective and practical hormone regimen that’s kept my hormones balanced and happy for years!

You might be familiar with the book Atomic Habits by James Clear. I love this book because it has helped me live by one of my favorite mottos – “success is a product of daily habits” .  Hormone healing doesn’t happen every night. It’s a slow, progressive change that happens internally – and in order for it to be successful, consistency needs to be at the forefront.

These 5 habits were developed through first-hand experience when I was dealing with amenorrhea, thyroid, weight gain and so much more as a collegiate athlete. My years of trial and error plus my background in the chemistry of the human body – have built my personal protocol. I’m so happy to share in this episode 5 habits I do every week for my hormones.

A few important things I touch on👇👇👇
  • success is a product of daily habits
  • importance of Circadian Rhythm
  • detoxing the body
  • adjustments to your diet and fiber intake
  • morning adrenal flush
  • tuning into your body’s natural cycle

James Clear says “Too often, we convince ourselves that massive success requires massive action”. And this statement is so true especially when I begin working with clients. This is why I am all for making micro manageable changes in your life to see success in hormone healing. Often times we jump right in and go hard on a new regimen and we burn out because it is all just too much.

Instead, I like to work with my clients to take tiny little steps and work towards improvements – oftentimes, change is seen a lot faster.

TLDR: I share 5 Habits I Do Every Week for My Hormones that you can start to implement today to balance your hormones and feel confident in your body. These habits help to refine your health regimen and benefit your hormones.

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