"Functional nutrition encompasses the importance of high quality foods and phytonutrient diversity to address clinical imbalances and move individuals toward the highest expression of health. Advanced nutrition assessment and a thorough Functional Medicine based history leads to a personalized therapeutic intervention created to promote optimal health and prevent diet- and lifestyle- related diseases."

- The Institute of Functional Medicine

we practice holistic and evidence based nutrition 

While we embrace holistic healing methods, we also value the importance of scientific evidence. Our approach combines ancient wisdom with modern scientific research, ensuring that every recommendation we make is backed by reliable data.


Functional Fueling blends food- and lifestyle-as-medicine. We go beyond basic dietary guidelines by addressing root causes for imbalance that look at physiological, genetic, environmental and psychological factors for disease. We combine medical nutrition therapy with integrative and functional medicine.

Using the functional properties of food

Many foods provide remarkable functional properties that can help heal various ailments. We believe that food is our body's medicine and use nutrition as a healing tool.

Remaining dedicated to finding the root cause 

Identifying and addressing the root cause of your symptoms or health condition is a critical component to your long-term healing. Instead of working around symptoms you may be experiencing, we utilize advanced testing to identify why those symptoms are happening. With this detailed information we then use targeted nutrition and lifestyle to restore harmony in the body. 

Our Functional Nutrition Approach

Chief  Dietitian + Founder

I'm the chief dietitian and founder of FFN. I'm the mom of two crazy German Shorthair Pointer pups and a wife to a smart, heart-centered man. Outside of hormones I have a true passion for natural food stores, my Greek culture, architecture and pottery.


I'm the associate functional registered dietitian at FFN. I'm committed to helping women like you from a whole-person perspective. When not listening to podcasts, I love spending time with my dog, Kira, playing soccer, hiking and trying new restaurants!

Associate Dietitian

lauren papanos

romana brennan

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