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Be happy, healthy, and confident by eating and exercising according to what works with your body, not against it



If you’re a woman who’s neck-deep in the health world but is struggling to lose weight, ward off breakouts and bloating, and feel hormonally balanced, you’ve probably tried every diet, every exercise regime, and every supplement out there. 

Despite all your efforts, you’re still unhappy with how you feel on a daily basis. You want to feel like a goddess in your new Lululemon outfit, not hiding under a sweater and layers of foundation as you dash from the car to the gym. 

There seems to be a missing puzzle piece and you’re desperate to find it. I was right there with you, battling my body every day until I found what my body really needed to look and feel good.

Understanding and working with my hormones.

You’re probably thinking “Lo, really? What do hormones have to do with anything?”

A lot of the messaging around being healthy focuses on external factors like protein intake and exercising your glutes. To experience a real transformation, first, we need to go deeper. We’ve been kept in the dark about how our hormones affect our health and wellbeing. 


Irregular and painful periods


Relying on caffeine to have any energy

Thinning hair and dry, scratchy skin

Acne popping up out of nowhere at the worst moments 

Bloating and other gut issues

Extra weight that won’t budge

Feeling like you’re living day to day on an emotional rollercoaster

All these issues are impacted by hormones. By dealing with these issues at their root cause (literally the chemical processes going in our bodies) we are dealing with them in the most effective way possible.
Not plastering over the problem with extreme diets, ineffective exercises, and way too many supplements.


Finally got your period back on a regular schedule 

Had workouts that made a difference and fit into your lifestyle

Could leave behind contraceptive and thyroid medication for good

Had energy and focus without having to get pumped on caffeine 

Were able to ward off breakouts and maintain smooth skin

Got rid of bloating and gut issues

Knew how to support your body throughout every season of life (high-stress situations, travel, fertility or menopause) 

Felt confident in your female body!

Wouldn't it be Great if you:

Understood how to make healthy choices instead of following orders blindly 

I know you’ve been let down by false promises before.
The contraceptive pill isn’t the fix-all solution the doctors implied.
2 hours of exercise a day was never sustainable. And neither was completely cutting out your favorite foods, making trips to Whole Foods miserable.

I’ve been down that route myself and made it out the other side. It motivated me to create a solution for sharing the life-changing knowledge of hormonal health with women like me.

Introducing ...
 the Strength in Hormones method

My exclusive live 3- month program for women of all ages and fitness levels who want to feel good in themselves again. With the foundation of hormone health, you’ll finally achieve your long sought after goals whether your focus is on your weight, skin, gut, energy, strength or menstrual cycle. 

  • Video and PDF's to learn the SIH method
  • Weekly hormone supportive workouts
  • 2, 1:1 consultations
  • 3 monthly group zoom coaching calls
  • Access to my CLOSE FRIENDS LIST on Instagram
  • Fresh recipes and meal plans with grocery lists
  • 20% discount on professional grade vitamins
  • Private community support group

here's what's inside:


  • what to eat and what to limit for hormone Balance at Every Age
  • when and how much to eat for your goals
  • how to make effortless meals that incorporate food-as-medicine
  • how to cultivate a healthy home
  • how to support digestion and microbiome health
  • how to Improve Your Stress Resiliency
  • How to Establish Sustainable daily routines for your Lifestyle
  • How Your Hormones Work and How to Support them
  • how to improve your relationship with your health
  • how to best fuel for workouts
  • How to Sustain Lifetime Results and Manage the Holidays

you will learn:

You get exclusive access to never before seen tips and tricks over on Instagram as part of my close friends list. It’s where I give regular advice to help you on your hormone healing journey.

Join the SIH private community group, where you’ll be able to ask me questions, share your wins and connect with like-minded women in the program. You’re not alone on this journey!

This monthly call focuses on coaching you on your hormone healing journey and answering any questions that might come up. So if you have specific health issues you’d like advice on, jump on Zoom and we can talk through it. These live calls are half an hour and are recorded and uploaded to your private portal as well. 

You will receive hundreds of hormone-balancing recipes, meal plans and grocery lists suitable for a variety of dietary needs, including omnivorous, vegetarian, gluten-free, and dairy-free so you can stay on track while actually enjoying your food. 

Then, to help you develop a compatible movement routine whether you can get to the gym or not, you will receive weekly hormone supportive workouts. These are designed to help your hormones heal and sync with your cycle changes so they work with your body, not against it. 

You’ll be guided through 6 workouts a week which follow a monthly progressive overload model to ensure you keep improving. Although 6 days will be provided, we recommend completing a minimum of only 3 per week.

Unlike most workouts which are built for men, these workouts are tailored for women with hormone imbalances so you know it’ll get you the best results. 

This includes weekly recorded video trainings and PDF resources to educate and guide you to better health. You'll discover the nutritional and lifestyle changes that will support you in achieving your goals and maintaining your results long term. 

You will get access to:



close friends list

private community group

monthly zoom coaching call


accessible workouts

fresh recipes with grocery lists

discounts and freebies

The Strength in Hormones method

As a member, you are a VIP. That means you get a 20% exclusive to professional-grade supplements and additional 1:1 sessions with Lauren.

1:1 sessions with lauren

Kickoff and finish the program with a 1:1 session with Lauren where she will help you individualize your needs, answer questions and provide support to ensure you achieve and sustain your goals.

JOIN THE WAITLIST TO receive an exclusive discount when doors open!

program dates: oct 10th - dec 18th

We’ve got your hormone health totally covered for as long as you need us!

after your first 3 months, you will receive exclusive access to join our alumni group so that you can continue to receive support on your journey.




Pay in full


bonus: 1 free coaching session

Month to Month


I found my strength in hormones and you can too

I’m a functional medicine dietitian and a board-certified specialist in sports dietetics living in LA. During my varied experience, I’ve helped women restore their menstrual cycle, naturally conceive after recurrent miscarriages, lose 30+ lbs. (or the last 10 lbs.) and find strength in their female body.

I created the Strength in Hormones Collective to share the transformational message of hormone health to get women unstuck in their well-being journey.



I was where you might be right now. I was immersed in the health world without getting any results and missing out on life because of the unforgiving restrictions I put on myself. It wasn’t only the extra 15lbs. I wanted to kick that was getting me down. I was struggling with constant breakouts, bloating, and an inconsistent menstrual cycle.

So I had to take my health into my own hands. After spending countless years deeply learning and applying the fundamentals of hormone health, everything fell into place. I got down to my goal weight, cleared my skin, soothed my gut issues, and finally had a regular period.

Everything I did to clear up my health issues is included in Strength in Hormones.

Hi, I’m Lauren but you can call me Lo!

Not only that. I didn’t have to sacrifice my happiness to achieve it. I can have a glass of wine and a gluten free pizza night without being overwhelmed by guilt and dreading the impact it could have on my body.

Simply, I’m able to live and feel my best - inside and out.

Want to know my secret…I couldn’t have done this without the support of my husband

And you get access to his expertise too! I was working out long before I got my health sorted. I just wasn’t working out in a way that supported my hormones. My fantastic husband Joe Gelekto, helped me to realign my workouts so that they supported my hormone health.

He’s got some incredible expertise as a Certified Strength and Conditioning Coach who holds a Bachelor's Degree in Exercise Science and a Master’s Degree in Coaching Pedagogy. His 10 years of experience have led him to work with various female athletes at the youth, collegiate and Olympic levels and celebrity and executive clients. Following his mission to help individuals overcome their mental challenges with physical activity, he is now the owner of TKO Athletic Performance and works at a health and wellness facility in West Hollywood, California.

I’m so thrilled that he is writing the Strength in Hormones workout programs (and has been for the past 6 years!) which are available on the app with video instructions. He overhauled my workout style, so my hormones could heal, meaning I felt less inflamed, was able to regulate my period and thyroid, and had more energy than ever.

The cherry on top is that I can workout for half the time I used to and get even better results!

Seemingly I was doing everything right - following the exercise, diet, and supplement routines like I learned in dietetics school. But nothing was changing. All the doctors had to recommend was the contraceptive pill.


It didn’t just work for me.
It’s worked for these women too!

"I was having severe migraines, constipation, bloating and was tired of feeling the way I was feeling. I was able to get my menstrual cycle back, stopped having headaches. I feel much more confident, don't have a toxic relationship with food anymore and know what's good to put in my body now."

"My performance improved dramatically. My digestion and mood were much better, my body composition was improving very favorably. My period came back for the first time in my entire career. My basic health came up massively."

"For me this was the perfect program. The way it was structured, organized. Everything was cost efficient, there weren't any products I felt like I couldn't sustain after SIH. Everything was so organized. I lost 15 lbs. the first four weeks, my joints no longer hurt and my skin is clear."

This is perfect for you if:

You want to be healthy AND happy by establishing healthy routines and enjoying yourself at the same time

I can’t wait to see you inside Strength in Hormones

You’re frustrated with all the other solutions you’ve tried and want to deal with the root issue instead of putting band-aids over your health issues

You’re ready to embrace the world of female hormones as a way to find strength in your body instead of feeling like you’re battling it everyday

You’re overwhelmed by all the information out there and don’t know where to start or who to turn to for help

You want to be part of a community of empowered women who have experienced similar struggles as you and are working towards the same goals

It’s about time you found a solution that empowered you to feel your best!


Will this really work for me?

Is this sustainable?

Are you sure it’s hormones that are causing me problems?

How long is the group program?

What kind of time commitment am I signing up for?

Can you tell me more about the live calls?

What about medical insurance?

I have more questions, who do I contact?

Ready to take the first step towards making a real difference to your health and wellbeing?
I’m ready to have you as part of the community!

Everything I share with you inside the collective is evidence-based and functional. It works because it takes into account the whole picture. From what you put into your body to how you move it and the hormones whizzing round inside it, all this has a tangible impact on how you look and feel. And the experience is totally unique for everyone.

So what’s the use in theories that are claiming to be one-size-fits-all solutions? We treat you as an individual and your body as unique, helping you to find the right health routine for what’s going on with your body.

I can’t make any guarantees apart from reassuring you that you have my individualized support and the community anytime you need us. Just reach out!

Will this really work for me?

I am totally against the diets that are so intense you can only maintain them for a couple of weeks before you give in. Who is that helping? You don’t have to overhaul your life to find balance. This program is designed to help you find a health routine that fits around your current lifestyle so you can still enjoy brunches with your girlfriends and date nights with your partner. 

Is this sustainable?

Let me explain it like this, each of us is a walking ecosystem. Our hormones need to be at the right levels for everything inside us to work as they should. When there are hormones out of whack, it shows physically, from a breakout to weight gain. What we put inside our bodies AKA food can rebalance things so our bodies go back to functioning as intended.

That’s the simple principle we work by at the SIHC.

Are you sure it’s hormones that are causing me problems?

The program is a 3 month live guided program that runs October 10, 2022 - December 18, 2022. After you finish those 3 months, many women choose to continue on for months or years as part of our discounted alumni program. This includes continued community support, workouts, recipes and discounts.  Details to the alumni program are available to you as you finish your initial 3 months.

How long is the group program?

This program starts off as an initial  3 month program. However, you get access to the resources forever and can choose to do everything at your own pace if you wish. During the first and final weeks you will schedule your 1:1 sessions with Lauren. There will also be some content for you to go through as you learn about the wonderful world of hormones. Still, that should only take you about 45 minutes a week. And then it’s up to you if want to attend the live calls each month (which are recorded) so you can watch on your own schedule if needed. 

What kind of time commitment am I signing up for?

Of course, there is one live one per month. The live one takes place on the second Wednesday of every month at 5 - 5:30 pm PST/ 8 - 8:30 EST. If you can’t make it, don’t worry. You can submit your questions prior and then watch the recording in your own time. 

Can you tell me more about the calls?

You might be covered for this under your PPO insurance plan. Check with them and if so we can send you a medical receipt called a Superbill to get reimbursed from them. To request a Superbill, just email us at support@functionalfueling.com.

You can use FSA or HSA cards at checkout too.

What about medical insurance?

I have more questions, who do I contact?

Just email the team at support@functionalfueling.com and we’ll be happy to answer any other questions you might have so you can make the right decision for you and your health.


In case you were wondering…

Here are the answers to some frequently asked questions