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The Functional Nutrition App

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Customized Meal Macronutrient Guidelines

Personalized Meal Focus Points

Complete Healing Foods Database

Daily Symptoms Assessment Tracker

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Complete Healing Foods Database

Daily Symptoms Assessment Tracker

Leaderboard Competition with Users

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Combine the power of your very own individualized macro coaching, all in the palm of your hand. Functional Nutrition will revolutionize how you reach your health and body composition goals. Everything from your Custom Healing Foods Database to your Optimal Eating Times, Macronutrient Recommendations, and Meal Nutrient Focus Points are individualized to you, based on your initial consultation with one of our Registered Dietitian Nutritionists. The best part? These recommendations continuously change as your body responds!

App access included in all nutrition coaching programs!

Only the best anti-inflammatory foods for you to choose from. We take the guess work out of knowing what is the best quality brand and nutrient source. Choose to build your own meal or use one of our healing and deliciously customizable recipes.

Unlike other nutrition apps, we don't believe in using an equation to understand the complexity of the human body. Our Registered Dietitian Nutritionist will customize your macronutrient needs based on your comprehensive nutrition assessment and progress.

Our Registered Dietitian Nutritionist will determine the best meal times for you based on your daily schedule and goals. Our nutrient timing is evidence-based and proven to support fat loss, maximize athletic performance, and optimize energy levels.

You can track your progress in-app to assess your consistency in reaching your goals. Every evening you will complete a brief assessment form to help your Dietitian Coach understand your digestion, satiety, and energy levels through following your recommended program.

Compete with other Functionally Fueled users through the in-app Leaderboard that rewards awesome prizes for consistency to your nutritional goals. Message directly with your Dietitian Coach through the in-app messaging feature.

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nutrient timing

customized macro-nutrients

healing foods database

• Complete This Quick Daily Assessment Form to Earn Points on the Leaderboard
• Provide your Dietitian Coach with Greater Insight Into Your Progress

• Individualized Macronutrient Goals
• Meal Timing Guidelines

• The Top 3 Most Consistent Users Are Shown on the In-App Leaderboard
• Leaderboard Determined by Consistency. Consistency = Progress to Goals.
• Earn Prizes for Remaining in the Top 3!

• Simply Tap on the + or - buttons to adjust the Macronutrient Bars to your Target Macronutrients [Carbs (C), Fat (F), Protein (P)]

• Healing Foods Database
• As you Add Food Items, your Macronutrient Bars Will Populate Until You Reach Your Recommended Goals
• Never Struggle With Not Knowing What "15 Grams of Carbohydrates" Looks Like Again!

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