Honoring your medical insurance benefits is something I take pride in being able to offer to you. Here’s how to determine your coverage to work with me!

In-Network Companies:

• Anthem Blue Cross
• Blue Shield of California
• United Healthcare
• Health Net

Please note that your specific policy, not your insurance company will determine your nutrition counseling coverage. It is imperative that you call to find out your coverage first to understand your financial responsibility!

Out-of-Network Coverage:

All other plans not mentioned above

If you have out-of-network coverage for nutrition counseling, we can provide you a Superbill to submit to your insurance company for potential reimbursement. The Superbill can be generated after each consultation.

Checking for Medical Nutrition Therapy Coverage:

Step 1: call member services
Step 2: ask for eligibility + benefits
Step 3: dietary counseling w/ registered dietitian (procedure codes: 97802, 97803)
Step 4: in network coverage (my NPI: 1831648435)
Step 5: do you need to meet your deductible before coverage applies? Have you already met it?
Step 6: are there any conditions they won't cover?
Step 7: is your coverage under preventative or medical?
Step 8: are there any limitations on the number of sessions per year? Will there be a copay?
Step 9: ask for reference id and document it in case you need to reference this at a later time

The Process:







Inquire here about services


Complete Insurance Form and Upload Insurance Card to the Patient Portal

Schedule Initial Consultation

Pay co-pay (if applicable)

Insurance will pay the claim typically within 30 days.

If for some reason they deny coverage at time of claim submission, you will be held liable for the financial responsibility.

inquire here

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