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Cellular Stress in Hypothyroidism Q+A

Answering all of your questions about Cellular Stress in Hypothyroidism. I cover questions like is weight loss possible with hypothyroidism? Should you take medication with labs? Can underactive thyroid be treated without medication? With Hashimoto should you avoid gluten? What are lifestyle and dietary for hypothyroidism and much more!

We want to catch things before they become an issue, because once things have already become an issue, it’s so hard to then fix it from there. I can speak on my own behalf that I’ve been monitoring my thyroid over the past few years, and I can see changes with just in a three month time span. So, you know, going a year without redoing that testing is just a little bit too long in order to really catch something before it develops. So let’s get into your questions. You had so many, and I just picked the ones that were the most relevant to today’s episode. And also there was a couple that were repeat questions are very similar. So I’m going to answer all of those for you today, and I hope that you guys enjoy this episode.

So our brain will then just send more signals down to our thyroid and that’s called thyroid stimulating hormone. So I like to think of a thyroid it’s a million hormones, less of a hormone and more of a stimulator because it’s essentially just that communication between the brain and the thyroid. That’s telling it if it needs to push out more hormones, I like to use the analogy of, think about a door and you invite guests to a party and the guests inside the party are hanging out in there and you have someone that’s knocking on the door, but they, the door isn’t opening. And so that, what does that person keep doing to keep knocking louder and louder and louder so that eventually you will open up the door so that they can join the party. So essentially what TSH is, it’s that person knocking on the door, trying to get you to let them in so that they can join the party and joined the T4 and then become T3.

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