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Cellular Stress in Hypothyroidism


Episode 5a had a LOT of great information around  Cellular Stress in Hypothyroidism by Dr. Balcavage (owner and founder of Rejuvagen) . In this episode I clarify Dr. Balcavage key points so you know what to look for, how to talk to your doctor and where to begin reducing your stress on your thyroid.

Dr. Eric Balcavage talks about that I just want to recap, because I think it was such a powerful quote, was that when a cell is proceeding low stress, its primary role is to make energy, make hormones enzymes, and increase metabolism. So it’s going to do all the things that we need for mood, for reproduction, for metabolism and weight regulation, hair growth, growth of muscle, all of those things that we all so much seek, right?
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But when it’s under stress, when the cell is under stress, it wants to slow it down all of those aspects. And because of that, it’s going to bring less glucose into the cell and it’s going to increase defense mechanisms. Our body is constantly trying to stay in a place of homeostasis, which you probably remember from your high school science classes. And that really is just, it’s trying to stay in balance, right? And our body has many different mechanisms to be able to still support this balance or homeostasis. And when things start to go hay wire, then it’s going to throw up defense mechanisms. And that’s one of the reasons why I’m such a strong advocate of getting to the root cause and root cost treatment, because there are so many people that are walking around every day that feel less than optimal that go to the doctor.

Listen carefully incase you are doing these cellular stress activities.

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