The fitness addict's nutrition regimen for lean muscle, balanced hormones and peak performance!

Build more strength, feel confident in your lean body and have clarity about what you should eat to improve performance and reach your health goals. 

Eat for Strength

The biggest myth in the health world is that it’s all about exercising until you’re at a calorie deficit.

As long as you exercise hard enough to burn off everything you’ve eaten, you’ll get the results you want. 

Here’s the thing…

Food isn’t the enemy. Especially when you want to build strength, keep hormones balanced and fuel your body for intense workouts. 

What’s more important?

Eating intentionally so the food you consume supports the exercise you’re doing and the results you’re aiming to gain from it.

Understanding how to nourish your body is essential to successful workouts. 

I have a hunch, you’re here because you want exercise to leave you feeling stronger and leaner, not feeling flat out of energy, injured and even causing inconsistent periods during intense training. 

How would your approach to healthy living change if you had nutritional advice and guidance on implementation designed for your unique body?

Learning how to fuel your body with the proper nutrients that support your strength-building goals and individual body type can be a total minefield!

But it is possible! Weightlifting isn't reserved for me. I have been lifting weights several times per week since I was a little girl. I learned the importance of incorporating strength and resistance training into my exercise routines even from a young age. Among other sports I was involved in, gymnastics taught me how to build strong muscles from the inside out.

That’s good news because it's proof that you can lift weights without turning into the incredible hulk.   

“Okay, Lauren, let’s talk lean muscles.”

Maybe, you’ve heard that protein is important for building muscle. But experimenting with different regimes can waste time and confuse your metabolism. (Ex: Some people rely on protein shakes to fuel up before workouts while others fast. There are so many different combinations of workouts and diets. And right now, all you know is that your body doesn’t match all the effort you’ve been putting into exercising and eating healthy.

All this leaves you wondering:

What else could I be doing to get stronger and leaner without the bulk in a shorter amount of time?

What supplements are right for my body to aid in my recovery and boost my performance?

Power bars and protein cookies are full of preservatives. I'd prefer fruits and vegetables but feel stuck ....

Savvy women who want to gain lean muscle and improve their health do this...


Have a strategy for accelerating the impact of workouts with real and tasty food. 

They feel more energized, stronger and healthier. (With balanced hormones even during more intense workouts, their period remains normal and they can physically bounce back.)

Plan meals that both excite them and help them to reach their health goals. (The science behind eating for strength gives them the knowledge needed to support their workout routine with full confidence and clarity.) 

Most health professionals won’t tell you about what the female body needs to build strength, instead opting for generic and often outdated methods that make building muscle an uphill struggle.
That’s about to change as I share a repeatable process for gaining lean muscle designed for the female body and based on emerging performance and functional nutrition practices.

Functional foods - What nutrients real foods naturally include that will improve your strength and performance

Pre- and post-workout routines - What food should you eat before and after working out and how do you turn them into tasty recipes

Supplement support - What supplements, dosages and brands support your workout performance, reduce inflammation and improve your sleep

what you'll learn:

Recommended macronutrient intake - How much should you eat and how do you translate that into a meal plan?

  • 4 short and snappy video modules covering all the information you need to know about supportive nutrition
  • Fun and tasty recipes and grocery lists that make fueling your body for workouts more enjoyable than ever before 
  • Medical grade supplement protocol ready for you to start implementing today
  • Discussion board to get your questions answered

how you'll learn it:

All this is inside the
Eat for Strength course, valued at $497.

It’s available now for just $97!

You can keep guessing and spending hours Googling or you can get the information you need from an expert with recipes and a discussion board to help you make it happen. Each day spent in confusion is a day you could’ve spent fueling your body with what it needs to gain strength.

For $47 get immediate access to muscle building strategies designed for your body.

That’s around the cost of a 30-minute session with a personal trainer. But with this self-paced course, you get absolutely everything you need to achieve lean muscles with clarity, confidence and energy. 

Time is of the essence.
Here’s why…

I'm ready to get started

Why should I trust you?

Why will this work when nothing else has?

Am I athletic enough?

I’m an integrative registered dietitian and a board-certified specialist in sports dietetics living in LA. During my varied experience, I’ve helped women restore their menstrual cycle, naturally conceive after recurrent miscarriages, lose 30+ lbs. (or the last 10 lbs.) and find strength in their female body. I was a former collegiate cheerleader and fitness addict. I also have worked with some of the world's most elite athletes during my years as a collegiate and private professional sports dietitian. I've synthesized my years of personal and professional experience into this course to provide you with the exact framework of how to accomplish a lean body while maintaining balanced hormones and peak performance. I can't wait to have you part of Eat for Strength!


Hi - I'm Lauren!

Hi there, I’m Lauren and helping support women on their health journeys with impactful nutritional advice is my passion. I do this professionally as a functional medicine dietitian and a board-certified specialist in sports dietetics who has worked with women of all ages, health and fitness levels. 

Some of the key moments on my professional journey include when I worked as the Coordinator of Performance Nutrition for UCLA Athletics overseeing the department and working individually with renowned Olympian athletes. I then went on to direct an Integrative Nutrition program at Texas Tech Football. I have worked with USA Swimming and traveled to the World Championships with them. I continue to work individually with recreational weekend warriors, and professional and Olympian female athletes.

I also have a real personal connection to women’s nutrition. I really struggled with my health for a long time. I tried just about everything to deal with my inconsistent menstrual cycles, bloating and constant breakouts. It wasn’t until I focused on balancing my hormones through nutritional strategies designed for the female body that I was able to lose the weight, clear my skin and have consistent periods. 

Since then I have been able to build my strength with supportive nutritional strategies. That’s what I’m sharing with you in this course. 

Why should I trust you?

So much of the nutritional information shared online is totally generic. That means it doesn’t work for most women. By understanding the female body and what it needs to build strength through exercise, you can take a targeted approach to eating. Your intake can actually support all the energy you’re putting into working out. 

Instead of relying on methods that work mainly for men, I’ve compiled emerging sports nutrition practices with functional nutrition principles to create a holistic approach to eating for strength for the FEMALE body.

For example, the majority of research around the popular diet of intermittent fasting was conducted on men, assuming that women would experience the same results. However, women’s bodies are biologically different and therefore don’t respond the same. Intermittent fasting has been found to be much less effective for women compared to men.

It doesn’t make sense for women to follow the same health regimes as men because of these scientific differences. We have different protein and electrolyte needs because of higher progesterone and lower testosterone levels than men to state one core difference.

This program is built to support the needs of female bodies so it will be much more effective for you.

Why will this work when nothing else has?

If you have a body, you’re an athlete. I designed this course to be accessible to everyone, no matter your fitness level. Amature or professional, you can use food to fuel your body and achieve your goals.

Am I athletic enough?

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