10 Days of Nutrition & Lifestyle Basics to Balanced Hormones

 Join us for an interactive 10-day challenge to learn the basic components that all women need to implement in their life for daily balanced hormones. As a Functional Registered Dietitian, I will lead you through my proven four-part framework that teaches you the basics of hormonal health.

The objective with this challenge is to help you learn how to make more empowered and intentional choices to improve your hormone health. 

I created this challenge for women seeking to know more about their body and how their lifestyle and nutrition impacts their hormones.
For many women, it’s really hard to discern and identify if there is a hormonal imbalance in the body.
Hormone imbalances can show up in a variety of different ways but some of the most common are symptoms such as: brain fog, fatigue, breakouts, and digestion issues.
When we have hormone imbalances this is often a sign of inflammation and nutritional deficiency within the body. 
It’s my greatest passion to empower all women to understand their bodies and help them make the best choices in their lifestyle and nutrition to completely shift how their hormones work. 

Who is the Challenge for?

...are you ready?

After 10 days, you will leave feeling empowered to...

Have a general self awareness of unconscious choices you are making everyday

Be intentional about your food and lifestyle

Have a better awareness and understanding of how your body and hormones work

Introduce the functional and holistic approach that supports the body as one whole system and addresses underlying root causes, not bandaid approaches

What Will I Learn?

During these 10 days together you will learn the exact foods to fill your fridge with, our functional foundations meal model and the difference in the functional medicine approach for women.

1: Weekly Education Guide

Our comprehensive educational resources will empower you with knowledge about your body and hormones. Deepen your understanding and feel more empowered about your well-being.

2: Weekly Challenges with Free Prizes

Participate in our engaging weekly challenges and stand a chance to win exciting prizes! Motivate yourself and embrace healthy habits while enjoying the opportunity to earn rewards along the way.

3: Private Community Group

Connect with like-minded individuals in our private mobile application who are on the same transformative journey as you. Our free community board is the perfect space to seek support, share experiences, and learn from the wisdom of others.

4: Access to Functional Medicine Registered Dietitians

Interact with our team of experienced functional medicine registered dietitians who will be available to answer your questions, provide personalized guidance, and support you throughout the challenge. Take advantage of their expertise and embark on a truly holistic transformation.

What's Included?

Plus, at the end of the challenge, exclusive free prizes await those who have actively participated! 
you’ll receive a discount code for our Functional Foundations 4 Week Program that takes you deeper with more support.
If you need more 1:1 support, you'll have an opportunity to meet with one of our functional medicine registered dietitians 1:1 to receive testing and more personalized guidance. 

JOIN THE CHALLENGE TODAY to learn the basic components for daily balanced hormones!

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This challenge is 100% free. Although there is no financial investment we ask that you commit to active participation throughout these 10 days to commit to yourself and other participants!


Frequently Asked Questions

On May 17th you will receive an email granting you access to our Challenge mobile application and content portal on Thinkific. Here you will find all of the content, weekly challenges and community board for these 10 days together. The first week's content will release on Saturday, May 20th and the second weeks content on Monday, May 29th. We will send emails throughout the Challenge to help keep you on track as well!


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