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Let’s admit it, the Holidays can be a difficult time for health goals – even for myself, a dietitian, because at the end of the day, I am still human. Yes – even though I know how to navigate these situations- it still doesn’t make mom’s homemade cookies any less bit delicious. That’s why during […]

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Ever wonder what a Registered Dietitian actually buys at the grocery store? I am going to show you! Keep in mind that my needs are different than yours and what I do might not be the best option for you and that’s why understanding your body’s needs is the most important!   Okay, let’s dive […]

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We are wrapping up week 8 for our QCC New Year’s Group Program and wow as I reflect back, what an awesome experience it was. If you have been around for some time, you know that I have done group programs in the past. But this one, was truly like any other. The interaction from […]

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Have you ever thought about not just what you eat, but HOW you eat? Do you sit down, free of distractions, and chew each bite with intent? If not, you may find yourself over-eating, not fully digesting food, with heart burn, and possibly even at risk for diabetes and metabolic syndrome.The benefits of eating slowly […]

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Wait…did I read that right, stopped working out? I know, it’s crazy for me to believe as well. I used to be a collegiate cheerleader, I spent over 4 hours a day, 6 days per week being active.

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