Balance Your Body After Birth Control

Correct nutrient deficiencies, gut changes and hormone disruption to
 achieve your healthiest balanced body.

The biggest myth is that coming off birth control has to lead to unwanted symptoms or difficulty preventing pregnancy naturally.

Did you know that you are only actually fertile for five days out of the month?!
When you understand the hormonal shifts that are happening in your body each month, you can prevent pregnancy naturally without the unwanted side effects of hormonal birth control.

If you are choosing to come off hormonal birth control because  you want to become pregnant, this program also covers how to get your body cycling again quickly and prepare your body for conception!

In this program you will learn how to restore nutritional deficiencies as well as correct gut and hormone changes caused by hormonal birth control use.

If you were put on birth control to help with symptoms like acne, irregular periods or endometriosis, we will also cover what you can do naturally to prevent these things from recurring once coming off birth control.

Finally, you will learn how to understand your hormonal changes happening throughout the month once you start naturally cycling again and your options for effective non-hormonal birth control methods.

How to start supporting your body 90 days before coming off birth control

How to start cycling again once coming off birth control

Prevent post- birth control acne, weight gain and PMS

How to replenish nutrient deficiencies and the impacts that birth control has on your gut

your 90 day pre- and post-birth control action plan

Hi, I'm Lauren! I'm a functional medicine registered dietitian and a specialist in women's hormones. I created this program to provide you a detailed action plan of how to achieve your healthiest body after birth control. I truly believe that when we as women understand how our body works, we can thrive from within.
 In my almost seven years of experience as a women's health dietitian, I have worked with countless women to help them regain a menstrual cycle naturally, resolve acne, PMS and other hormonal symptoms and to prepare their body for fertility. I have put these teachings into an easy to follow program for you that you can come back to at anytime. I hope that you enjoy this program!


This is the perfect program for you if:


You're considering coming off birth control but are worried about how this will impact your body

You want to recover your cycle quickly after coming off birth control to start trying to conceive

Before starting birth control you dealt with acne, hirsutism or PMS and want to prevent that happening again

You want to reconnect with your body and understand how to support your hormone health naturally

You have recently come off birth control and have noticed changes to your skin, gut or hormones

You want to learn about effective non-hormonal birth control options

  • Webinar: In this 50 minute webinar, I walk you through everything you need to know about birth control and how to rebalance your body before, during and after coming off of it.

  • Recipes: You receive 31 recipes (and a grocery list!) that includes breakfast, lunch, snack, dinner and hydration. They are suitable for a variety of dietary needs including omnivorous, vegetarian, gluten-free, and dairy-free so you can stay on track while actually enjoying your food.

  • Non-hormonal Birth Control Guide: Learn about all of your non-hormonal birth control options and how to start tracking your cycle!

  • Medical grade supplement protocol ready for you to start implementing today

  • Discussion board to get your questions answered

how you'll learn it:

All this is inside Balance Your Body After Birth Control, valued at $329.

It’s available now for just $97!

Does this work for oral contraceptives and IUD's?

I haven't come off birth control yet but am thinking about it, will I still benefit from this program?

I have been off birth control for some time but am dealing with post birth control syndrome, will this help me?

Yes, the recommendations and education included are for all forms of hormonal birth control! 

Does this work for oral contraceptives and IUD's?

Yes! The sooner the better! In this program you will learn how birth control impacts the body and what you can start doing to support your body even before you come off of birth control.

I haven't come off birth control yet but am thinking about it, will I still benefit from this program?

Yes! You will learn exactly what causes post birth control syndrome and the steps to take to start balancing the body so that you can decrease symptoms and restart your menstrual cycle!

I have been off birth control for some time but am dealing with post birth control syndrome, will this help me?

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