The  Metabolism Reset

Break through a weight plateau, increase your energy, take back your confidence

Your metabolism hinges on the balance of your hormones, digestion, muscle mass and detoxification.
Food and lifestyle is the most powerful tool to reset all of this.

Years ago I was in the very shoes you are right now.

I had experienced 15 lbs. of unexplainable weight gain and was dealing with nagging symptoms and truly just not feeling like myself anymore.

Despite counting calories and exercising more, nothing was changing.

As I continued to dive in functional medicine as a registered dietitian, I continued to implement some of these higher level concepts into my daily life.

After a couple of years I slowly got down to my goal weight and resolved all of my hormone and digestive symptoms.

No medication. No counting calories or extreme exercise.

I then started implementing these strategies with my patients and saw women experiencing these improvements too but in just a few short weeks.

I knew I was onto something.

After many years of seeing countless women experience these incredible changes I created this program:
The 4 Week Metabolism Reset.

I am so excited to share this program with you and know that just like so many other women, it will completely transform your metabolism.

This program is different because it doesn't focus on fad or restrictive diet concepts like intermittent fasting or juice cleanses.
It's based on how your female physiology works and is a sustainable approach that can be incorporated into your long term nutrition strategy.

Sustainable daily routines that will improve metabolism, digestion, energy and habit forming.

How to support liver and gut function for optimal metabolism through foods you eat and lifestyle routines.

How to prevent a weight plateau and boost hunger hormones to continue seeing results beyond the first four weeks.

what you'll learn:

How to build a metabolism plate at meals and snacks. What foods this should consist of, how much and how often.

  • The Reset Guide: Everything you need to know to be successful with this program! I lay it out simply for you to follow and provide the reasoning behind everything I recommend. Each week we highlight a new component. You also get access to a brand guide!

  • 42 whole food recipes that can be made in bulk for the week or as a fresh dinner for the family. Included are breakfast, lunch, dinner and dessert options.

  • The Reset Spreadsheet: You will get access to our Program Spreadsheet to track your habits, measure your progress and to plan meals using the recipes and meal framework provided.

  • The Reset Support Group: a private community group to learn from others and ask questions!

what's included:

All this is inside
The 4 Week Metabolism Reset program, valued at $397.

It’s available now for just $97!

here's what they say...

I'm ready to get started

Can I benefit from this program if I have a medical condition?

Why will this work when nothing else has?

Will I have access to this program forever?

This program is for general metabolism support and is not intended to treat a medical condition. You can still benefit from this program if you have a medical condition. However, if you are in need of medical nutrition therapy, please apply to work with Lauren here.

Can I benefit from this program if I have a medical condition?

So much of the nutritional information shared online is totally generic. That means it doesn’t work for most women. By understanding the female body and what it needs to heal metabolism, you can take a targeted approach to eating, exercise and lifestyle.

Why will this work when nothing else has?

Yes! Once purchased, you will be able to download the eBook and recipes so that you can come back to them at anytime.

Will I have access to this program forever?

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Hi, I'm Lauren! I'm a functional medicine registered dietitian and a specialist in women's hormones. I created this program to help you break through a weight plateau, increase your energy and to take back your confidence in your amazing female body. The information in this program I have applied to myself and to hundreds of female clients over the years. This is the framework I come back to time and time again after every Holiday, vacation or period of low motivation (yes, I have those too!). These four fundamentals helped me rewire my metabolism and hormones so that I could regain a normal menstrual cycle, heal my thyroid, clear my skin, and lose 10 lbs. (and maintain it!). This is a 4 week program that can be used as many times per year as a reset or as a framework for how you eat year-round. You will not find calorie counting or extreme diet practices in this program. This is an evidence-based and results-driven program. It is easy to follow and effective. I can't wait for you to join us and see your amazing results! Xoxo, Lauren